Falk Sempozyumu 6-7 Mayıs 2005

Falk Symposium No: 147

Colitis: Etiologies and Therapeutic Strategies

May 6–7, 2005

Birmingham/Great Britain

 Scientific Organization:
J.F. Colombel, Lille (France)
D.P. Jewell, Oxford (Great Britain)
A.S. Peña, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
A.Tromm, Hattingen (Germany)
B. Warren, Oxford (Great Britain)

 Congress Venue:
International Convention Center
Broad Street
Birmingham B1 2EA
Great Britain

Prof. Dr. Derek P. Jewell
The Radcliffe Infirmary
Oxfordshire Health Authority
Gastroenterology Unit
Nuffield Department of Medicine
Woodstock Road
Oxford OX2 6HE
Great Britain

Telephone:++44 (1865) 224829
Telefax: ++44 (1865) 790792
E-mail: derek.jewell@ndm.ox.ac.uk

 Official language: English

 Publication date of preliminary
program: August 2004